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online businesIf your site occupies a high position in the top 10 of the search engines, this is just the half of the success of your online business. Now, there is a lot to be done on the maintenance of the result. Here are some of the methods of work which are performed to maintain the high position of your site.   



  1. Correction of the key words

Analysis of the key words selected is made in the process of putting your site in a top position and some of them are replaced with new ones.


  1. Correction, addition and work on the texts of the website

The texts are regularly replaced with more interesting, current, etc. ones in order to keep the interest of the audience.


  1. Work with the links to the website

Addition of new links, replacement of any links, which are no more current, work with the texts to the links, etc.  


  1. Work in the social networks

Here, there is no limitation of possibilities, publication of new posts, organization of events, creation of groups, etc. 

Reputation management


internet marketingFeedbacks and comments are very important part of the internet space and are an integral part of the successful online marketing.

Both your clients and the algorithms of the search engines follow the communications of the site with its clients.

Negative feedbacks and the black PR of your competitors have bad impact on your business and make you clients step back.

Statistics show that a large percentage of your satisfied clients do not leave positive comments after they make the purchase.

Our strategy for work with your clients is to provoke them to leave positive feedback in blogs, online forums, social networks, etc.



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