Discussion Forums

The general feeling around presence in discussion forums is that it’s an outdated method, a thing from the past.

While there’s a lot of truth to it, with the coming of social media and others, it would be madness to deny that if these discussion boards have enormous online presence and should they contain your services, products, projects and/or details – they’re working

The thing we want is more exposure and there is no bad form of more exposure. You can only benefit from more presence and discussion boards, relative or close to the field of your business is one of the forms.

That is especially true with discussion boards who are more active than most.

Keep in mind that we’re not simply joining discussion boards and spamming your links here and there and claim we have done a good job. On the contrary, there’s a lot of research going on first, then we only submit to where it actually can be appreciated and hopefully spread out by people who like and are interested in it.

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