Email Marketing

Email marketing has received a bad name since the term existed.
And it’s easy to understand why, as you see email listings and whole corporate email databases being abused all the time, people who are breaking their customer confidentiality by providing their email databases for a quick paycheck.

We will always stay away from such toxic material and will get our email marketing only from people who actually sign up to receive such newsletters, promotional offers and other material. The unwanted spam in the internet is in the high 90’s, but with our premium methods and strict procedures, the percentages will be reversed.

Few emails will go to waste when you use our services and similar to other procedures we have for your project, you will receive a full report, which unlike other email services on the web, does not break any email confidentiality or listings of such.

At the end of the day, it’s not the count of the messages you’ve sent across the web, it’s the count of the clicks and forwards being made.

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