Marketing Plan

In modern times internet is the most effective advertisement channel. For your business to be successful with your web site it is only needed for it to be good optimized on the network. Also it has to have key position on Google and other search engines. Therefore you will get more visitors and customers.


  1. Increasing the traffic tenfold.
  2. Increasing the sales four times.
  3. Making the brand well-known on the internet

Steps for reaching our goals:

 Analysis – Studying the clients and the competition of the companyand developing an action planaccording to the information we have gathered:

  • analyzingthe situation of the market
  • analyzing the company’s products or services
  • analyzing the competition
  • analyzing of similar companies, reaching higher ranks on the search engines
  • analyzing the audience
  • analyzing the clients group the company is aiming at (location,gender,age, etc )
  • analyzing the structure of the site
  • analyzing of theHTML codeand the correctness of the context
  • analyzing the domain
  • analyzing the filesrobot.txt &saitmap
  • analyzing the text and the graphic content of the site
  • analyzingtheinternal links in the site
  • analyzingthe loading speed и коректността на обработка of the sites
  • analyzing the optimization of the site
  • analyzingandsortingadequate key wordscorrespondingthe contentand the competition of the site
  • analyzingthefrequencyand the efficiencyof the key words
  • analyzingthe links to the websiteand those of the competitive sites
  • analyzingthe qualityof the structural links
  • analyzing the textfrom incoming links
  • creating reports

 Web Site work

  • working on the technical structure of the website
  • working on the text of the website
  • working on creating  internal linkson the website
  • adding new pages and information on the website
  • working on the feedback and the contact form
  • sorting adequate key wordslinked to the topic
  • creating interactive texts
  • working on the filesrobot.txt и sitemap
  • installation ofgoogle web tools
  • posting video images
  • creating input pagesfor increasing of the input traffic
  • creating report

 Working on the optimization of the website into the search engines each month

  • organizing paid external links on websites, which have the same content and higher rating
  • registering the website in different catalogues with similar content
  • posting articles in information agencies
  • leading advertisement campaigns on  social networks and the internet
  • grading the efficiency of works done on the optimization of the project on the network
  • working with the social media
  • creating blogs and posting information linked to the content of the website
  • creating pages on Google+ and posting relevant information
  • creating pages on Facebook, organizing events, games, promotions and others
  • Opening accounts on Twitter
  • posting on the created pages and blogs
  • working in forums and (Public Relation)PR
  • e-mail marketing
  • listing in paid and free directories
  • paid media-banners,buttons,newsletters,emails
  • creating reports

VERTICAL-AD-MARKET uses only legal methods for index and optimization of your Website, which do not oppose to the licensed agreements of the search engines on the Internet.

The payment depends on the services you have chosen and on the competitive environment your website will be optimized.


Online Marketing Plan

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