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Nowadays, more and more companies successfully enter the internet market, others sell products while third just promote their brand.coustumers

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The analysis of the current situation shows that a large number of the companies are just present in the net, i.e. they have not developed any marketing strategy for successful business. There are several reasons for that. One of the major of them is that when they have appointed a company specialized in this field they have failed to choose the right one. One group of the companies, although being well familiar with the online marketing, simply do not inform their clients in details about their strategies and the potentials of theWEBtools for the successful development and growth of the business on the net. On one hand, this results from the fact that they are overloaded with work, there is a shortage of properly qualified personnel and they prefer getting their fees from the project and go on with other projects. These are companies, which deal mainly with the creation of sites. Respectively, the problem with the customers is that they find themselves in a trap difficult to escape from, first, because they are not aware of the results they may achieve on the internet and, second,  because the companies have entangled them with the domain and hosting. I will enlist a couple of examples for similar situations which are truly real but I will not mention any details about the companies.

A small company, positioned for 2 years on the market, decides to make a web site. The idea of the owner, who know nothing of the internet, is to find clients for the products they manufacture. They choose a certain company dealing with site making. After several months nothing happens –  there are no clients, there is no information about the number of the site visitors, etc.  After the request made to the company that has made the site, they receive the following reply: You did not order optimization of the site! The owners of the company do not even know what optimization means.

A big company, operating on the market offline for 20 years but present on the web with site business cards decides to start online trade. They appoint a big company which makes for them 10 sites in 7 countries and at their recommendation they start to pay Google for advertising and showing their site in the search engines with priority. Eventually, after one full year of trade,the company finds out that the expenditure made may not be covered by the sales.

There are numerous indicative examples like these on the internet. The improper analysis of the situation and unsuitable choice of a company mat result to lasting negative consequences for years on.

How to avoid that?

And how to choose the right company?

There are thousands of companies on the net which offer services related to site making and optimization in the search engines. Which of them shall we choose and how much will it cost and mostly what will the final result be?

If we take a deeper look to the contents of their sites – all of them offer the same services.  The answer is – choose a company which offers complex services – online marketing and site making. The right approach is to start with online marketing and later to make the site for the development of your online business.

How shall we develop the internet strategy for our company, what budget shall we choose and what results shall we achieve? These are questions to which it is difficult to receive the right answer. Here I will quote the words of one of the founders of marketing:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” –

John Wanamaker, Pioneer in Marketing

How to assess the opportunities which are offered by the internet media? What presence shall we have on the web?  Do we have a target audience in the business sphere we are involved? What plan and what budget shall we choose? Online marketing services may give answers to all these questions.



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