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How to succeed in the internet, if we have small business or provide any services and we want to increase our turnover via the net?
online-marketThere are several rules, which we must comply with. These rules have been established by the search engines in the net and by complying with them it is supposed that the search engines will have greater confidence in your site and it will be displayed on the front positions in any searching by your customers.  Of course, this is something to be done by the company, which takes care of your online business, but it is of use, if you have some general knowledge on the topic and thus you will know what to demand from the company, besides the possibility to follow up how your site is developing, whether “white” methods of optimization are used or the company generates traffic using any methods unauthorized by the search engines. The unauthorized methods are something very bad, because if something like this is ascertained, Google, Yahoo or Bing will put your site under quarantine and then everything you have paid for will be lost.

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How do the search engines work? If we have to put it simple: on the basis of algorithms developed, the robots go about the net and index anything new. The algorithms analyse your site and on the basis of the signals received from it they form their attitude towards you and where to show your site or online business in their results.


Confidence is a key factor in your whole project. The net is an environment of interaction by all the participants and greater the confidence is (between the search engines and you, between you and your customers), greater and longer are the results of your online business.


The robots from the search engines are interested in how you take care of the indexing of your site, how you take care of your customers and how the customers treat you. All these factors are mutually connected and their successful application is a guarantee of success.


List of the basic factors, which matter for your position in the internet search engines

  1. Contents of the site: The texts in the site must not be copied from somewhere else, must be free of grammatical errors and must be regularly updated;
  2. Age of the domain and site;
  3. Links to and from the site: It is important where and from where do the links of your site come, it is good being from prestigious domains;
  4. Quantity of pages on the site;
  5. Participation of the site in famous catalogues;
  6. Quantity of links to your site
  7. CSS and HTML validity of the site – if we have to put it simple, this is how your site is displayed in the browsers;
  8. Speed of loading the site;
  9. Convenience of the visitors to surf and navigate in your site;
  10. How frequently is the site visited?


If you want to achieve quicker good results and to increase the rating of your site, it is necessary to take care of increasing the confidence and then you will enjoy your success!


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